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WHAT IF the job change quests were like:

Step 1/2: Harem in Dungeon Auto-Party (0/1)

Step 2/2: Reverse Harem in Dungeon Auto-Party (0/1)

Accidentally teams up with three IP’s. A dialog box suddenly appears:

Nice try pal.

Accidentally teams up with three IP’s again. A game master announced:

Player with the IGN RuneSlayerAbs is now banned from Elsword worlwide.

I’m so sorry. It just crossed my mind. No harm intended >_<

Chung is a he okaaay~ Please understand.

April Fools isn’t felt here in Elsword PH. At least the Cobo guys spices things up a bit by giving this costume.

I was like,

Ooooh, costume! <3

Then after wearing it,

Me: The heck is this?!

Others: A trash can!

Are you an oven of some sort

Can I deposit my money on you

Where’d you get that it’s so cool


Yeah we have no more potions left


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